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Here we have glorious Gardening and Groundcovers created for the adventurous minded people. The Gardening and Groundcovers have been created by Cathy, Zita and Lucas. Ready for your simmies enjoyment. Please click on each pic to download.


New Gardening

New Gardening Meshes

Zita's Climbing Vines

Zita's Climbing Vine
Zita's Larger Climbing Vine

Poly Count for Climbing Vines Meshes.

Climbing Vine : Facets : 1106 Vertices : 1398

Zita's Flowering Climbing Vine

Zita's Flowering Climbing Vine

Poly Count for Flowering Climbing Vine Mesh.

Flowering Climbing Vine : Facets : 1318 Vertices : 1620

Zita's Parlor Palm

Zita's Parlor Palm

Poly Count for Parlor Palm Mesh.

Parlor Palm : Facets : 1027 Vertices : 1865

Zita's Plant in Pot1

Zita's Plant in Pot1

Poly Count for Plant in Pot1 Mesh.

Plant in Pot1 : Facets : 524 Vertices : 698

Zita's Plant in Pot2

Zita's Plant in Pot2

Poly Count for Plant in Pot2 Mesh.

Plant in Pot2 : Facets : 428 Vertices : 585

Zita's Plant in Pot3

Zita's Plant in Pot3

Poly Count for Plant in Pot3 Mesh.

Plant in Pot3 : Facets : 4216 Vertices : 2002

Zita's Plant in Pot4

Zita's Plant in Pot4

Poly Count for Plant in Pot4 Mesh.

Plant in Pot4 : Facets : 1614 Vertices : 1499

Cathy's Giant Hydrangeas

Cathy's Hydrangeas


Cathy's Very Tall Pots

Cathy's Pots

Cathy's Tall Pots

Please download the new Giant Roses mesh and the giant roses as it has been fixed

Zita's Giant Hydrangeas.


Zita's Hydrangeas.


Zita's Pots.
Zita's Pots1.
Zita's Pots2.
Zita's Pots3.
Zita's Pots4.
Zita's Pots5.
Zita's Pots6.
Zita's Pots7.
Zita's Pots8.


Zita's Hibiscus1.


Zita's Hibiscus2.


Zita's Hibiscus3.


Zita's Hibiscus4.


Zita's Hibiscus5.


Zita's Hibiscus6.


Cathy Hibiscus


Zita's Daisies.

Zita's Pansies.

Zita's Pansies2.
Zita's Pansies3.
Zita's Pansies4.


Zita's Roses1.

Zita's Roses2.


Zita's Roses3.

Zita's Roses4.


Zita's Roses5.

Zita's Roses6.


Giant Rose Recolours need the mesh from our New Mesh page.New Meshes.


Zita's Giant and Small Roses.

Zita's Giant Roses.


Zita's Giant Roses1.

Zita's Giant Roses2.


Zita's Giant Roses3.

Zita's Giant Roses4.


Zita's Giant Roses5.

Zita's Giant Roses6.


Zita's Giant Roses7.
Zita's Giant Roses8.


Older Gardening


Plant Recolours need the mesh from our New Mesh page.New Meshes.



Cathy Even Bigger Bogainvillea.

Cathy Oleander.

Cathy Giant Oleander.

Cathy Giant Bogainvillea.

Cathy Giant Bogainvillea2
Cathy Giant Oleander2


Cathy Even Bigger Oleander2

Zita's New Groundcovers





Zita's Groundcovers






Lucas' Groundcovers




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