Living Rooms

Welcome to our Living Rooms Page

Here you will find Living Room Sets created by Cathy & Zita. Just click on the name sets below download.

PLEASE BE AWARE, These are all BETA items, Use at your own risk.


New Living Rooms

Jali Living Cinnaberry Suede.


Click on small photos to see a bigger pic. Plants I think are from Stylist Sims. Floors and walls are in our walls section in Cathy's Walls, Cathy's Floors. The door is in our Build Section under Doors. Window and blind are from 4 Ever Sim Fantasy. (None of the above are included in the files).

Meshes Required: Zita's Lovely New Jali Living Set : Mesh Sets

Jali Living Coffee Suede.

Jali Living Cream Suede.

Jali Living Daiquiri Suede

Jali Living Desert Sand Suede.

Jali Living Devonshire Suede.

Jali Living Earth Oxen Leather.

Jali Living Floral N Suede.

Jali Living Graphite Suede.

Jali Living Marigold Suede.

Jali Living Merlot Suede.

Jali Living Mulberry Suede.

Jali Living PastelSuede

Jali Living Pink Suede.

Jali Living Rattan.

Jali Living Sage Suede.

Jali Living Slate Blue Suede.

Jali Living Soft Ripple Suede.

4ESF Living7 Coffee Suede.


Click on small photos to see a bigger pic

Meshes: Forever Sim Fantasy Living Room 6 (the tables and paintings are my recolours of 4ESF Dining 7 in our Dining section. The blinds and accessories shown are also from 4ESF Dining 7. : 4ESF Living 6

4ESF Living7 Bitter Choc Suede.

4ESF Living7 Eggshell Suede.

4ESF Living7 Mango Suede

4ESF Living7 Mauve Suede.

4ESF Living7 Olive Suede.

4ESF Living7 Periwinkle Suede.

4ESF Living7 Rose Suede.

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