Pets Section

Welcome to our Single Objects Pets Section. You will need The Pets Expansion Pack for these

Here you will find Pets Objects created by Cathy, Lucas & Zita. Just click on the text below to download. Click on the pics for a bigger view.

In order to use our recolours you need to download the
  tool from the link on the main objects page.
We hope you enjoy our recolours. Please note: All new Objects will be at the top until the next update to make it easier for you to find.

New Pet Objects.


More Maxis Pet Bedding Recolours by Cathy

Bargello Quilted Blanket Basket.

Old Dark Wicker Basket.

Dark Wicker Floral Tapestry Lining Basket

Orange Wicker Basket.

Rattan Basket.

Twill Wicker Basket

Blue Quilted Blanket Basket.

Blue Star Quilted Blanket Basket.

Burgundy Star Quilted Blanket Basket

Cream Quilted Blanket Basket.

Dancing Cubes Quilt Blanket Basket.

Green Quilted Blanket Basket

Pink Quilted Blanket Basket.

Postage Stamp Quilt Blanket Basket.

Watercolour Flowers Quilted Blanket Basket

Pet Pillow Ariel Wine.

Pet Pillow Baroque.

Pet Pillow Faded Blue Jacquard

Pet Pillow Golden.

Pet Pillow Golden Lilac.

Pet Pillow Golden Spring

Pet Pillow Pastel Floral.

Pet Pillow Purple Dragon Silk.

Pet Pillow Rainbow Silk

Pet Pillow Rockingham Fresco.

Pet Pillow Tea Rose.


Maxis Pet Bedding Recolours by Cathy

Aqua Plaid Basket.

Blue Tartan Basket.

Cream Wicker Blue Floral Basket

Cream Wicker Pink Floral Basket.

Duncan Natural Tartan Basket.

Pink Tartan Basket

Red Plaid Basket.

Pet Pillow Batik.

Pet Pillow Blue Floral.

Pet Pillow Duncan Natural Tartan

Pet Pillow Lost City Fabric.

Pet Pillow Pink Floral.

Pet Pillow Red Plaid

Pet Pillow Red Plaid Green Trim.

Pet Pillow Shells.


Maxis Pets Cats Condominium Recolours by Cathy

Los Gatos Condominium Biore.

Los Gatos Condominium Reauch.




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